Central to each work is an intimate relationship between artist and material. The labor that goes into painting and hand stitching small details into the fabric or other soft materials signifies a value of meticulousness and human touch. I strive to exercise sensitivity to subtleties, to highlight seemingly miniscule and often overlooked details. Each painting reflects an emphasis on the idea of carefully nurturing something into life, or perhaps altering and mending that which already exists. My approach underscores art as a cathartic vehicle, through which both an onlooker and I may discover healing. What results is a gradually-paced, meditative process of making that emphasizes tenderness and delicacy. Ultimately, I hope to encourage close looking, and a more wholesome experience of nuances and elusive moments in the passages of everyday life. Through crafting tranquil spaces with fluid and subdued forms, I hope to create an area in which the viewer may stop, breathe, and find themselves lost. 

© 2019 by Gabrielle Cole